Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

FMEA is an industry standard practice used to investigate the potential failures of a system and to define remedial actions.

New to FMEA? Learn about the approach and its benefits , and then find out below how will help you!

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis doesn’t have to be painful.

Designed to be multi-domain (System, Electrical, Mechanical, Software …) and multi-FMEA-type (Design, Process, User …), is a suite of interoperable tools that makes FMEA a breeze.


Collaborate is built from the ground up for effective and efficient collaboration among and between teams. Get the most out of your teams, whether local or remote.


Replace a cluttered whiteboard or fusty spreadsheet with graphical tools that help you stay focussed on the content while guiding you through the FMEA method.


Quickly identify the most important improvement actions and their global impact. Understand and take action to improve your system.


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Create, modify and understand your FMEAs in the way that makes sense: as an interactive cause to effect graph.

➜ Manage the entire FMEA, including ratings, actions, requirements … from a single intuitive interface

➜ Interface guides and constrains users to the semantics of FMEA, avoiding common mistakes and oversights that occur with FMEA spreadsheets

➜ Easily highlight causal relations between entities

➜ Quickly modify the association of causes, modes, effects and their controls, without muddling with convoluted spreadsheet rows

➜ Convert immediately to a tradition tabular representation, or view a structured, actionable report

Working co-located? Analayzer is perfectly suited to large collaborative touchscreen displays. Remote teams? Analyzer is easily shared through your video conferencing solution.


When you need to break down the details of an FMEA, the Editor has you covered.

➜ Classical table-based view with advanced features

➜ Group and structure entries according various attributes (aspect, cause, mode, effect …)

➜ Quickly filter and sort entries

➜ Edit entries as a data form – no more scrolling from left to right accross big spreadsheets

➜ Powerful multi-entry modification features

➜ Move easily between the classical Editor view and the graphical Analyzer view

Level-up your tabular interactions with an editor tailored specifically for FMEA content.


Executing FMEA is useless without acting upon the findings. Report provides pragmatic insights for planning and monitoring.

➜ Classical ranking of FMEA entries based on criticality, RPN etc

➜ Interactive risk matrix: interrogate the risk profile graphically

➜ FMEA insights: requirement and failure complexity, effect and technical exposure, mitigation efficacy

➜ Breakdown of cumulative risk exposure per requirement, mode, effect, cause … – understand where risk lies in your system

➜ Impact ranking of identified actions based on their cumulative risk association

Avoid being overwhelmed by the quantity and impact of FMEA findings: adapt with agility using a structure FMEA report.


Individual FMEAs are one thing – executing and maintaining multiple FMEAs for an entire system architecture is another.

➜ Portfolio manager streamlines the handling of hierarchical FMEAs of systems, products and platforms

➜ Manage a tree of FMEAs that mirrors the decomposition of your system

➜ Advanced hierarchical FMEA features make shifting abstraction levels easy

➜ All stored in a single, structured object

Don’t get bogged down with nebulous and confusing files and revisions – keep it simple and manage them with a Portfolio.

Import and Export

Have existing FMEAs stored in spreadsheets? Need to export data to your own format?

➜ Import abitrary FMEA spreadsheets from CSV data using a flexible importer

➜ Breath life into legacy FMEA data by opening them with the visual Analyzer

➜ Export data immediately to CSV (which can be trivially opened with your favourite spreadsheet tool)

➜ Bespoke plugins offer the possibility to interface directly with other data systems in your organization

Don’t be a hostage of your tooling – import and export FMEA data freely.

OpenFMEA Data Format

Your data, under your control does not obfuscate your data – instead, it embraces openness and interoperability.

Your FMEA data are stored in the Open FMEA format: a JSON schema that can be easily parsed and interpreted by other software.

The OpenFMEA format is also perfectly suited to change control: just add your files to your revision control system (e.g. Git) and calculate deltas quickly and easily.

Keep your data pragmatic and accessible with the OpenFMEA format.

Cloud, Local or On Premise

Want instant access to with no impact on your infrastructure?

✓ Then use from the Cloud immediately, with confidence that your intellectual property never leaves your own computers.

Need a reproducible installation of for local use and/or version archiving?

✓ Then the local app is at your service.

If you want all of the above, but with the flexibility of installation onto your own web-servers…

✓ Have a look at our enterprise solutions!

Don’t bend your process to the suit tool – select the usage mode that best suits your needs.

Get is available in a variety of license levels, depending on use case.

Edition Comparison

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Basic Analyzer
Cloud Access
Large FMEAs
Full Analyzer
Import data
Human Support
Portfolio Management
Local App
On Premise Install
Number of Users N/A 1 1-5 Unlimited

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